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Welcome to Daily Use google news – Sarkari Latest News!
This website was founded with a simple vision: to be your preferred resource for improving English speaking skills.

I have traced some of the causes of this major problem.

Learners are taught with traditional teaching methods. There is a lot of reliance on textbooks and a lot of focus on reading-writing skills.
Learners are unable to access desired English resources that provide audio and transcripts of native English speakers using the language in dialogues/contexts.
The learners do not have a suitable teaching method even if they are given the necessary materials and good teaching.
After studying all these reasons in-depth, I decided to create this website to share with you what I have known and experienced about learning English. On this website, you will have thousands of opportunities to:

Approach interactive language learning materials more purposefully, expressive and interesting than boring textbooks and traditional teaching methods. Lessons cover all aspects of language: what words/phrases mean, how they are pronounced, how they are used in different contexts, and more. The examples could not be more realistic and detailed.
Get access to a variety of authentic English resources, including high-quality audio from native English speakers with transcripts.
Learn about advanced methodologies with learning approaches, tips, principles, techniques and more.
I can’t wait to see how this website can impact your English learning path, passion and experience.