Anupama 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update: trapped

Anupama 19th November 2021 Written Episode Update, There is going to be a big ruckus again in the upcoming episodes of Anupama. Things have become very bad between Baa and Bapuji after Diwali. Bapuji is so distressed by the humiliation of his wife that he has started looking for a job of his age. Vanraj is also going to get a big setback after returning to his home. With the return of Vanraj, 5 big twists are going to come in the story too. Take a look…

Ba will get trapped in Kavya’s plan

We saw that Ba had insulted Bapuji in front of everyone. Bapuji is badly broken by this but Anupama takes care of him and helps him to get back to normal. Anuj, GK and Anupama try to please Bapuji. Kavya, on the other hand, instigates Baa against Anupama saying that Anupama might have had a plan to take Bapuji with her. Mamaji has also left the house saying that Baa did wrong to Hasmukh and that he cannot stay in the house. On the other hand, Kavya will add fuel to the fire by infusing more hatred against Anupama. Kavya has already started her plan to capture Shah’s house, she is implicating Ba in her plan.

Vanraj will make Baa homeless

Anupama’s story will take an interesting U-turn when Vanraj returns home to learn that his father has left home forever. On seeing Baa, Vanraj gets very angry. Then everyone will be shocked when Vanraj will throw Baa out of the Shah House. After what Baa did to his father in Vanraj’s absence, Vanraj would also make his mother homeless. From here the story is going to change once again. Baa will be completely shaken and will be completely shattered, losing everyone. Because Bapuji has already refused to go back to Shah House.

Will Vanraj be able to convince his Bapuji? Anupama 19th November 2021

After returning to Shah House, Vanraj has vowed that he wants his Bapuji however. He has declared that he will neither eat food nor drink a drop of water until he sees his Bapuji back in the house. Will Vanraj be able to convince his Bapuza to return home now? After all, how will Bapuji’s entry in the house happen? This is going to be interesting to see.

Ba will beg Anupama Anupama 19th November 2021 

Now something is going to happen in Anupama serial that everyone will be surprised to see. For the first time in his entire life, Baa will now be seen begging with folded hands in front of Anupama. Ba, who bothers others, will have an emotional breakdown this time, like never before. Now Baa will request Anupama saying that she is the only one who can bring back Bapuji. Baa would burst into tears while making this request. Baa is finally regretting what she did and is heartily repenting. However, how will Anupama be able to convince Bapuji to go back to Shah House? Will have to see this.

Will Bapuji become a watchman?

Bapuji is in shock. Baa calls Bapuji incompetent and useless. She says that he is a total failure in life, he is neither a good husband nor a good father. These things have hit Bapuji so much that he will run away with all his eyes open and look for a job as a watchman, as he does not want to be a burden on his daughter Anupama.

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Anupama 19th November 2021 Written Update


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