Anupama 25 December 2022 Written Update, Upcoming Twist in Anupama, Anuj romance Anu

Anupama written update: In the story of the serial ‘Anupamaa’, Pakhi’s quarrel is not taking its name to end. Barkha tries to get Pakhi and more divorced. On the other hand, Baa is trying to save their relationship. Serial ‘Anupama’ till now you have seen that because of Pakhi, Anuj will get angry with Anupama once again. Anuj will give advice to Anupama. On the other hand, along with Anupama Pakhi, the Shah family members will also reach Kapadia House. Here Baa will keep an eye on Pakhi and more’s every move. Baa’s actions are going to increase Anupama’s troubles.


In the upcoming episode of serial ‘Anupamaa’, you will see Baa taunting Dimple. Dimple will get emotional after listening to Baa’s words. Anupama will encourage Kinjal. On the other hand, Baa will hand over the responsibility of Kinjal’s daughter to Anupama. Baa will humiliate Anupama a lot in front of Barkha. Anupama will not be able to pay attention to Pakhi in the process of taking care of Pari.

Pakhi will try to persuade Adhik. Pakhi will take the charger and go to Adhik. As soon as Pakhi goes to Adhik, Barkha will reach there. As soon as Barkha comes, she will scold Pakhi. Barkha will say that she will not allow Pakhi and Adhik to unite under any circumstances. Anuj will try to separate Anupama from her family.

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Seeing Pari crying Toshu will ask Anupama to pacify her. Anuj will not let Anupama go near Pari. Anuj’s actions will increase Ba’s BP. Baa will get very angry in front of Bapuji. On the other hand, Anuj will try to distract Anupama. Anuj will fiercely romance Anupama. Anupama will not be able to leave Anuj’s side even if she wants to. On the other hand, Barkha’s words will spoil Pakhi’s mind. In such a situation, Pakhi will try to end her life.

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