Anupama 26 December 2022 Written Update, Upcoming Twist in Anupama, Anuj will be against Toshu and Pari

Anupama written update: In today’s episode of the serial Kahaani, it will be shown that Anuj gets worried about Anupama. Somewhere Bapuji comes to know that Anuj is in some worry. He asks Anuj the reason for that problem. Anuj tells that while grinding between Shah and Kapadia’s house, Anupama is not paying any attention to her daughter Anu. Whatever he does for Pakhi, Baa, Vanraj and Toshu, he has to listen. In such a situation, Bapuji says that all these things have to be stopped. Baa overhears all these things.

As soon as Bapu ji enters the room, he is seen in both anger and worry. She says we are leaving Shah’s house now. Because he has heard all the words of Anuj. Bapu ji says that he cannot go as Toshu has said that he is currently getting some renovation work done at Shah House. In such a situation, the angel may be in trouble. Baa says she didn’t know Anuj finds her words so bad. After this Ba asks Bapuji to stay in the school. But Bapuji refuses.

Anupama upcoming story

Anuj will be against Toshu and Pari

After that, when everyone is sitting at the dining table, there is an argument between Barkha and Baa. Anupama has prepared a lot of food so Barkha tells her that she can take the help of servants to help her. Baa gets enraged at this and tells her to speak clearly that Anupama’s burden has increased due to his arrival. Barkha says Baa has more tantrums and doesn’t work alone in our house. So Baa says how did this house become theirs, only then Ankush says that the house is not even yours.

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Anupama will not be able to attend little Anu’s performance

At the same time, Para starts crying. Toshu asks Anupama to go and see her once, but Anuj holds Anupama’s hand and says that she is your daughter, you should take care of her. On the other hand, in tomorrow’s episode of the serial, it will be shown that Anupama is unable to attend younger Anu’s performance due to household responsibilities and Anuj gets very angry on this.

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