Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Twist: Sai will take a big decision

In the serial Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Sai treats Patralekha as a doctor to save her life. Virat and his entire family get worried for Patralekha. But at the beginning of the upcoming episode, Virat is seen thanking Sai for saving Patralekha’s life. At that time Virat would have held Sai’s hand. Only then Patralekha regains consciousness. She feels very bad seeing Virat and Sai close again. Pakhi pretends to faint. she opens her eyes after Virat leaves. Sai gets happy seeing Pakhi regaining consciousness. But Pakhi asks Sai such questions as soon as she regains consciousness, which upsets Sai. More story – Anupama upcoming twist: Anupama and Pakhi’s heart melting moments!

Patralekha asks Sai whether she is happy with his recovery and regaining consciousness or not? Sai says she is very happy about this. On the other hand, as Sai starts to leave, Patralekha holds Sai’s hand and asks that if either of us was in the bus, whom would Virat have saved? Sai instead of answering this question says that her husband Virat can tell her about this very well. Patralekha insists that she will not take medicine until Sai answers this question. But Sai does not answer this question and gives medicine to Patralekha.

Sai will take a big decision

After this Viaank enters the room and is overjoyed to see his mother conscious. All the family members rejoice seeing Pakhi regaining consciousness. Virat’s eye gives the credit to Sai, which makes many members of the house feel bad. Sai also goes back to her home with her daughter. Wherein her aunt expresses concern that Sai’s troubles may not increase further. Meanwhile, Virat comes home with Patralekha and she learns that Viank hasn’t eaten since she was in the hospital. After this, in tomorrow’s episode, it will be shown that Sai will take a big decision and will go straight to Virat’s office with a paper. 

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