Gold Price Today (17th October 2022), 22k gold price today in usa

Gold Price Today, increasing again. It is known that in the last three days of the week, the price of gold has fallen by 1500 rupees. But there has been a slight increase in the price of gold for two days. Dhanteras day is on 23 October.
Gold buyers are more on that day. But even before that, gold prices are gradually increasing.
Gold Price Today,Aaj Sone Ka Bhav Kya Hai
Check Latest Gold Rates Today, In Your City On October 17, 2022
Cities 22-Carat Gold Rates Today 24-Carat Gold Rates Today
Chennai ₹47,400 ₹51,710
Mumbai ₹46,900 ₹51,160
Delhi ₹47,050 ₹51,330
Kolkata ₹46,900 ₹51,160
Bangalore ₹46,950 ₹51,220
Hyderabad ₹46,900 ₹51,160
Nashik ₹46,930 ₹51,190
Pune ₹46,930 ₹51,190
Vadodara ₹46,930 ₹51,190
Ahmedabad ₹46,950 ₹51,220
Lucknow ₹47,050 ₹51,330
Chandigarh ₹47,050 ₹51,330
Surat ₹46,950 ₹51,220
Visakhapatnam ₹46,900 ₹51,160
Bhubaneswar ₹47,900 ₹51,160
Mysore ₹46,950 ₹51,220

If you look at the current price of gold in Hyderabad, the rate of 22-carat gold has increased by Rs 10 per 10 grams from Rs 46,450 to Rs 46,460. The rate of 24-carat gold has increased by Rs 10 per 10 grams, taking it from Rs 50,670 to Rs 50,680. Similar prices exist in Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam.

It is known that the rate of gold has declined in Hyderabad since October 6. 22-carat gold fell by Rs 1,390 and 24-carat gold by Rs 1,520 compared to October 6 prices. Although the rate of gold has been increasing for two days, gold is currently available at lower rates compared to the beginning of October.

The rate of gold rose slightly in the multi-commodity exchange as well. Gold December futures were trading up 0.42 per cent or Rs 210 to close at Rs 50,470. Silver December futures were trading at Rs 57,783, up 1.01 per cent or Rs 557. Market experts are analyzing it.

22k gold price today in usa

If you look at the prices of gold and silver in the international market, the rate of one ounce of gold is 1653 dollars, while the rate of one ounce of silver is trading at 18.53 dollars. Market experts are analyzing the fact that gold and silver prices are likely to fall further.

This month there has been a huge drop in silver prices in Hyderabad. Since October 5, the price of one kilo of silver has decreased by Rs 6,500. At present, the price of silver in Hyderabad is Rs 60,500 per kg. There has been no change in silver prices in the last two days.


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gold price today kolkata

51,715.00 Indian Rupee

gold price today delhi

51,640.00 Indian Rupee

gold price today ahmedabad

51,730.00 Indian Rupee

gold price today jaipur

51,610.00 Indian Rupee

gold price today in punjab

51,690.00 Indian Rupee

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