Kundali Bhagya 24 December 2022 Written Update | Preeta’s life in danger

kundali bhagya written update: Rakhi is worried for Preeta as she is taking longer than necessary to return. Arjun also notices that Preeta is taking too much time.

Rakhi and Srishti are about to bring Preeta to the cabin but Arjun stops them and tells them to go after themselves.

Before Arjun gets up to leave, the terrorists drag Preeta and the air hostess out of the cabin.

After this the Luthra family, Arjun and others are fed up seeing Preeta and the air hostess who have become terrorists and hostages.

The terrorists announce to the passengers that the plane has been hijacked and will kill Preeta and the air hostess if any of them do anything.

what next in kundali bhagya

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