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WWE Survivor Series 2021 Results: Roman Reigns won a stunning victory over Big E, Raw beat SmackDown 5-2 in Survivor Series: Survivor Series was WWE’s last PPV. For which seven matches were announced. The PPV started with a match between Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair. In which Becky won and the PPV ended with a match between Roman Reigns and Big E. Where Roman Reigns achieved a spectacular win over Big E. But apart from these two matches, what was the result of other matches, let us know…

Shinsuke Nakamura defeated Damien Priest via DQ. SmackDown took a 1-0 lead.

Becky Lynch vs. Charlotte Flair

At the very beginning of this match, both the women superstars started attacking each other. While Charlotte blocks Becky’s chops, Becky tries to put Charlotte in her submission move. But after this the fight went outside the ring. Where Becky pushes Charlotte to the ring post. Then the referee started counting.

After which Charlotte came to the ring. As soon as she entered the ring, Becky started attacking Charlotte. But when Becky was trying to chalk slam Charlotte. Only then did Charlotte retaliate and attack them. After this, Charlotte, after making some attacks on Becky, hit her in the ring post. After which Becky went out of the ring.

But when Charlotte was about to moonsault Becky outside the ring, Becky pushed her out of the ring. But when Becky was about to kick Charlotte, Charlotte sent her to the barricade. After this both the superstars went to the ring. Where Charlotte puts a clothesline on Becky and showers her with slaps and overpowers her.

After this, Charlotte took Becky to the corner and started chopping. But when Charlotte was attacking Becky’s leg, Becky retaliated by defending herself. But Charlotte Flair returned to the match again with a powerbomb. But after that both, superstars started attacking each other again. Where Becky tried to make a comeback again. But Charlotte made a comeback in the match with a suplex.

WWE Survivor Series 2021 Results

Charlotte then tried a moonsault off the top rope but Becky survived. But Charlotte made another moonsault which this time hit Becky. But after that Becky rolled up Charlotte. But Charlotte escaped from cover. After this, using the top rope, Charlotte put a face-first on Becky.

But when Charlotte was trying to get inside the ring, Becky quickly attacked Charlotte and made a comeback in the match with a leg drop. After this, Becky puts an ormbar on Charlotte and then rolls up. Charlotte then tried to put a big boot on Becky. But Joe didn’t feel right and Becky collided with Charlotte.
But after a while, Charlotte managed to put Becky in the Big Boot. After this, Charlotte tried to apply Becky Suplex. But Becky survived it and she retaliated on Charlotte. Becky then vents her anger on Charlotte and climbs onto the top rope and tries to hit her with a leg drop. Which saved Charlotte.WWE Survivor Series 2021 Results

But then Becky slammed Charlotte with the main handle. But Charlotte saved herself by stepping on the lower rope and then, mocking Charlotte, put Charlotte in figure four. Due to which Charlotte turned to save herself. After this, Charlotte put a big boot on Becky. After which Becky fell outside the ring and then The Queen put a moonsault on Becky outside the ring and went for the cover. That saved Becky. WWE Survivor Series 2021 Results

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