Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Upcoming Twist: oh! Abhimanyu kick out Akshara to Birla’s house

written update of yrkkh: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai serial has an atmosphere of mourning. In the beginning of the show, it is shown that Abhi and Akshu cry and Akshu tells Abhi that both of their children are no more in this world, Abhi is unable to tolerate this shock, while Harsh comes running and says that Neel’s BP is falling, come and do something, after which Abhi is completely stunned, then Harsh shouts Abhi, I am talking to you, Neel is about to die, after which Anuj gets very nervous and starts running fast. Akshu, who is in pain behind him, is also going inside to Neel when Suvarna comes to Akshu and tells him to calm down. Are you fine, your doctor told me, you are fine.

Neil’s death

On the other hand, Akshu says that my children have left me, I want to go to Neil, he cannot leave us. After which Suvarna says Akshu you need rest. Abhi comes to Neil. Everyone looks at Neil and keeps on crying. Abhi comes to Neil and says CPR. Mahima says we have tried everything. After which Abhi says that we will keep doing this till Neil answers. Mahima says no use, Abhi.

Abhi gets Neil’s heart pumping and asks him to listen. He asks will you not listen to me, Neil, swear on me, you have to wake up, open your eyes. He beats his chest. Neil opens eyes. Everyone becomes happy. Abhi says I knew, you will obey me, I am here, don’t worry, I will handle everything. Abhi says relax, we will talk later. Neil cries. Akshu comes there. Neil says if anything happens to me then take care of my child. Abhi asks what are you saying, nothing will happen to you. Neil says like you have given love to me, give the same love to my child. Abhi says we will give her love, nothing will happen, don’t do this, relax, breathe.


Manjari’s outburst

On the other hand, as soon as Neel is about to promise Akshu, Neel’s heartbeat stops and he dies, after which everyone starts crying. Kairav says that nothing will happen to Neel. And now Neel’s body is brought home in an ambulance, after which Manjari asks Neel where is Neel, after which Manjari is shocked to see Neel’s body covered with a white cloth.

After which she cries a lot and says that this cannot happen. Crying, Aarohi tells Akshu that you do not see my happiness, after which Akshu is shocked, while Manjari starts getting angry at him. After which Manish tells Manjari that if you have lost your son, then Akshu has also lost both his children, after which Manjari says that because of your mistake, three people from this house lost their lives.


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