Anupama upcoming twist: oh! Anuj and Anupama Ka Parivaar Khatre Mein?

In the new episode, Anuj is seen as angry with Anupama and tries to send his daughter Chhoti Anu away from her.

Actually, in the latest episode of Anupamaa, little Anu is invited by her friend to a party at the farmhouse. Choti wants to go but Anupama tries to stop her. Anupama does not want Chhoti to go there alone. But Anuj does not listen to anyone in front of him and gives permission to the daughter to go to the farmhouse alone. Anupama explains that there will be no one to look after her for so many days. Anuj says that he wants to keep his daughter away from this quarrelsome house.

Anupama 30 December 2022 Written Episode Update

In today’s episode, it will also be shown that Anuj will not even eat food from Anupama’s hand. Meanwhile, he will learn from Kavya that family means only when the relationship between husband and wife is strong. If he is not strong then there is no point in any other relationship. Now with this learning, Anupama will try to fix her and Anuj’s relationship. More story – Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin Upcoming Twist: Sai will take a big decision

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