gold price today,16 September 2022

gold price today: Thinking of buying gold? But this is sweet talk. Gold price also fell today. The yield rate is coming by looking at the ground. On September 16, gold and silver prices came down in Hyderabad. This is a relief for gold lovers.

24-carat gold price is Rs. 200 has fallen. So the price of this gold is Rs. declined to 50,400. This rate is applicable for 10 gm. Also, the price of 22-carat gold is Rs. 200 fell. The rate of this gold per 10 grams is Rs. It came down to 46,200.

gold price today

If the rate of gold falls, the rate of silver also goes up. Silver followed the path of gold. Silver price Rs. 700 fell. As a result, the silver rate per kg is Rs. It came down to 61,100.

Major cities like Vijayawada and Visakhapatnam also have similar rates. However, the above mentioned prices are inclusive of GST. And the manufacturing charges are the same. Therefore, there may be some difference in prices.

It can be said that the pressure on gold prices is continuing this week. The main reason for this is the momentum of expectations that the US Federal Reserve may raise the Fed rate again. The US Fed meeting is going to be held next week.

Inflation figures in the US have exceeded expectations. In other words, if inflation is expected to decrease, it has reached the top. With this, everyone believes that a Fed rate hike is inevitable in the coming days. If the US Federal Reserve raises interest rates, then the US dollar will strengthen. If the dollar recovers..then the price of gold will be adversely affected.

In this sequence, the gold prices in the country declined to a four-month low. Gold prices fell by 0.7 percent on the Multi Commodity Exchange MCX market. Gold price per ten grams is Rs. stands at 49,679. Also, the rate of silver fell by 0.4 percent. Per kg Rs. is hovering at 56,765.

Looking at the crude rates in the international market, the price of gold has come down by 0.3 percent per ounce. It is hovering at 1700 dollars. Also, the rate of silver fell by 0.6 percent. Continuing at $19.5 per ounce. Experts predict that if the price of gold falls below 1680 dollars, it may fall further. Therefore, those who want to buy gold should also know this.

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मुंबई में सोने की कीमत क्या है?

मुंबई में सोने की कीमत ₹52,150 रुपये प्रति ग्राम है?

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₹52,150 रुपये प्रति ग्राम है

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