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Optical Illusions: On social media, we get to see pictures related to optical illusions every day. People love to solve the puzzles hidden in these pictures with great passion. However, some pictures are like this. The condition of people gets worse in the solution, while some pictures are like this. In which people easily solve the hidden puzzle. A picture has surfaced these days. This picture is associated with the murder and its mystery.

Many people love movies and stories that solve the mystery behind crime. Now that’s what you have to do in this picture. In the picture, you can see the blood of a girl. You will be surprised to know that there is a murderer in the picture itself, but the condition of people is getting worse in finding him. u just have to find this murderer. You must be seeing 5 people in the picture, with whom the numbers are attached.

Optical Illusions

Find the murderer in 20 seconds | optical illusions drawings

Now you have 20 seconds, in which you have to find and tell that murderer. You can see that the murderer has killed the woman and left the body in the bathroom. The biggest thing is that the murderer is present in the same restaurant. However, the murderer has left a clue which is visible in front of him. Even after this people are not able to recognize the murderer. Apart from this big clue, the murderer has left many minor hints.

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Now you have to run your mind and find the murderer. If you have not found the murderer yet, then let us tell you that out of the five people, there is panic on the face of the murderer. Apart from this, the woman also has a blue cloth in her hand. In the tussle at the time of the murder, the murderer’s shirt has come into the hands of the woman. Apart from this, there are also scratch marks on the neck of the murderer. Now you must have come to know who is the murderer of the woman. If it is not known, then look at the picture once again. In the red circle, you will see both the murderer and the clue.

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